Thinking about Hiring a Builder?

How to find a good builder in your area

The first tip would be to get a recommendation from people you know. There is nothing better than being able to find a builder from a family member, friend or neighbor who has had first-class building work done in your area. Actually seeing the kind of work that has been done on their home, and being able to verify that the builder is reliable, is fantastic. Another strategy is, if you see building work that is currently being done, or work that has recently been finished, if you do not see a builder’s sign, you could have a word with the builder/builders who are working there, or else politely ask the home owner.

Talking to Building Inspectors

Building inspectors are who are employed by the local authority, serve as an excellent means for assisting anyone in the area who needs building work done. As their remit is to ensure that the region’s new buildings adhere to various regulations, their work is inline with achieving the highest standards. As a result, a number of them are willing to give informal advice at the inception of a project, long before they are called to inspect the site. They can often give you guidance by pointing you in the direction of local builders. They are not however, able to guarantee that your building work will be 100% trouble-free.

Choosing a Firm with a TrustMark

You may like to find a local TrustMark recommended builder. TrustMark is trade approved by the government, as acts as an umbrella administration which foresees around thirty representations. These include: the NICEIC which includes the electrical trade body and roofing contractors, as well as the Federation of Master Builders. If you go to TrustMark’s data base to find a builder in your vicinity, you can be sure that whoever you take on has had both his financial status and building work checked regularly by its authorised scheme operators. However, again, there are no guarantees, and the standard checks must always be done before any agreement.

Contacting Trade Associations

Although it is not mandatory for builders to register with a trade association, and many do not due to their high annual fee, contacting them for a list of local builders can be a good idea. The Federation of Master Builders for example, is responsible for obtaining references on all new members, although unfortunately, it is not liable to make physical checks of building works. Contacting one of the trade associations for the name of a recommended builder is however, good in that it can offer a better choice than you can get by taking a random look on the internet or in the local business directory or yellow pages. Once again though, it must be stressed that there is no guarantee that your building work will be free from difficulties.

Looking at Builders’ Websites

At the present time, there is one major website that you can visit which list a builders’ database. Here you can search through to find someone suitable in your region. You will be able to read detailed recommendations from homeowners who give feedback after the work has been finished. The higher the local rankings, the better the response. These databases can be found by visiting

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